A/V Design & Installation

Quality Where It Counts

ChurchTech.biz provides expert A/V design and installation services. Our designs will meet the needs of your congregation, whether the production needs are simple or complex..

Quality and flexibility are essential in today’s church. Our media-centric culture expects it. Your A/V design should meet your current needs and be able to adapt to changing requirements.

Visitors often shop for another church if things don’t look or sound good. Quality audio & video is is the norm along with expectations along with meaningful content. Even small churches benefit from quality A/V design in what they do.

ChurchTech.biz exemplifies quality. Our designs are a wise investment. Our designs and installations are reliable, highly flexible, and effective. Unlike some A/V companies our designs are volunteer friendly. The workfows are simple to master. Professionals are not needed to handle typical Sunday A/V tasks.

Working with pastors, staff and volunteers, we can translate a church’s A/V needs into detailed technical requirements. Once requirements are understood, we can design a solution, recommend software and equipment in a cost effective configuration. We also deliver proven operational workflows that are volunteer friendly and efficient — all within time and budget constraints. Documentation and training will ease everyone through the learning curve.

Unique among A/V companies, we do not sell equipment. This means we have no bias toward any manufacturer. We are vendor neutral. This enables us to help you select products that will meet your requirements and remain within budget. Often we can assist in purchasing to obtain favorable prices.

ChurchTech.biz has the depth to cover everything from simple upgrades to new facility designs, installing, configuring and operating:

  • Digital (and Analog) Audio Boards
  • Digital Audio Data Networks (Dante Level 3 Certified)
  • Line Arrays and PA Systems, Rigging
  • Power Filtering, Distribution and Remote Control
  • M/E Video Switchers and Distribution Networks (SDI & Fiber)
  • IMAG Projection Systems
  • Live Production Intercom
  • Streaming & Recording Equipment
  • Video Editing and Production Suites (Davinci Resolve or Avid based)
  • Video Cameras, Chroma Key Studios (Cinema, Prosumer, and Entry Level)
  • Sanctuary Lighting Systems
  • Multi-site Campus Integration & Workflows

ChurchTech.biz works side by side with pastors, worship leaders, tech directors, staff and volunteers to facilitate transferring all manner of know-how to those who need to know.

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