Our Mission is Simple

We help churches reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples through effective use of modern technology. It is a joy for ChurchTech.biz to help churches make an eternal impact in the lives of those we serve.

Today’s churches exist in a culture where competing world-views saturate everyday life. The Gospel itself remains timeless and relevant, but the message can get lost in all the noise.

However, churches that use modern technology tools wisely can convey the life-changing Good News in a manner that is relevant to those we have been commissioned to reach. Your church can be more visible so the Gospel message can command attention.

The challenge of modern technology is that it changes rapidly and can be difficult to master. The job of ChurchTech.biz is to make shifting, complex technology simple and easy to use, We help churches harness technology ~ enabling the church with powerful tools that are easily wielded by non-technical staff and volunteers. Technology can make the church and the Gospel message visible and clear. Modern technology is an essential asset to help churches effectively pursue the Great Commission in today’s culture.

ChurchTech.biz exists to help churches understand and masterfully use technology in order to reach people with the timeless truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.