A Diving Catch

Sometimes it’s easy to see God’s hand at work, I was recently brought in to design a new website for a church and provide some volunteer training. Only to have the project turn into a diving catch to prevent a total disaster! On Sunday morning I arrived for rehearsal to observe the Sunday morning tech workflow. This is the normal […]

Audio Source Scanning

Perfecting Your Live Audio Mixing Skills Source Scanning ~ a Technique Borrowed From Aviation~ by Ethan Harris ~ When training for my pilot license and instrument rating years ago, my flight instructors continually hammered away at the critical need to continually scan the cockpit flight instruments. They told me my life depended on it. They demanded I understand what the […]

Audio Scene Memories in Worship

How to start using them and why In casual conversation with church audio engineers, discussion often touches on how much they like the features of their digital audio board and great audio quality. Worship audio engineers really appreciate the vast array of controls and functions that help deliver better sounding mixes each Sunday. When I ask about specific features, everyone […]