Sermon Bumpers

Custom Sermon Bumpers

That Grab Attention

Sermon Bumpers that are specific to a sermon series can be hard to develop. When done well, they can help set tone and theme. Such videos establish context as each sermon opens. In our video oriented culture, they focus attention. They also take planning and creative coordination. These 60-90 second videos are similar in some sense to title motion graphics. But they usually contain a music bed, and sometimes a scripted audio narration. In some ways they are like a like a promotional commercial, and they do not loop.

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic many churches are suddenly embracing live steaming. For live stream viewers, Sermon Bumpers serve as a visual online transition. The video fills in that awkward gap in the flow of a worship service while the pastor comes forward and settles in before starting the message. They also provide time for the tech team to transition their camera shots, lighting and other workflow tasks so they are 100% ready for the sermon opening.

Custom Sermon Bumpers and graphics / animations are a unique specialty at, Sometimes off-the-shelf content and video clips just don’t fit with a particular sermon series. A custom visual is necessary on occasion to create just the right impact. can craft a Sermon Bumper around your concept that is just right for your purposes. Here are several examples:

Contact us for custom animations for your next sermon series! Tell us something about what you have in mind. We’ll do our creative best to fulfill your vision so that your series has the impact you seek and so that lives are changed by the Gospel.