Dante Networks

We Speak Dante

Dante Level 3 CertifiedChurchTech.biz knows Dante networks. We understand digital audio network design, implementation and operation. Live production audio requirements in most churches are different than in other settings. We have achieved Audinate‘s highest level of Dante certification (Level 3).
Our experience with Dante digital audio networks is rooted in practical day-to-day, hands-on, real world use. We have designed, installed and used Dante in churches to support DAW based worship multitracks, pre-worship service line checks, virtual soundchecks, to connect multiple live worship venues together, to connect live worship to recording and streaming audio production rooms, in ear and floor monitors, line arrays, along with incorporating last minute remote audio devices to the front of house.

Designing and installing Dante systems takes experience and know-how to get it right the first time. With a nonstop live production schedule every week, our experience will get your Dante network running flawlessly while you focus on your normal weekly workflow, All you need to is add minor operating changes required to use the new Dante network. We’ll show you how the network is designed, and how to use it. You’ll know everything you need to edit, upgrade and make changes to the network over time.

We’ll help your church design, install, configure a Dante audio network. ChurchTech.biz will show you how to operate it. Whether a simple FOH system or a complex campus wide system, we’ll help you set up Dante Virtual Soundcard, Dante Domain Manager, your audio board and computer audio applications. ChurchTech.biz will teach you how to configure all your devices and run your network flawlessly.

Dante Networks

Unlock Amazing Audio Capabilities

Churches are using Dante for all sorts of things. They do this because Dante networks are highly cost effective and easy to use. Compared to analog snakes and proprietary digital networks, there is no comparison. Typical church applications include:

  • Stagebox Interconnects
  • Multitracks.com playback DAW
  • PA Interconnects
  • Virtual Soundcheck System
  • In Ear Monitors
  • Floor Monitors
  • Video Production Room Interconnects
  • Streaming Room Audio connections
  • Multiple Venue interconnects
  • Classroom audio distribution

We can make it easy to set up a campus wide, multiple Dante domain configuration. Or connect a simple device or Digital Audio Workstation to your FOH desk, ChurchTech.biz always makes sure everything works properly.

Dante replaces point-to-point audio and video connections with easy-to-use, scalable, flexible, cost effective digital audio network. The networking technology is based on proven and popular IP and Ethernet standards. Dante is the defacto standard for modern A/V connections.

We can help your church implement Ableton Live, ProTools and other multi-track DAWs, a virtual soundcheck system, multi-site and venue interconnections, video and streaming audio production system integration, IEMs and other solutions using a Dante digital audio network, ChurchTech.biz can help your church design, install and take advantage of the amazing power of Dante digital audio.

We are highly skilled in addressing IT department & multiuse computer LAN considerations when using Dante enabled equipment. Our company has years of practical hands-on experience operating Dante digital audio network and IT equipment in churches. Contact us for more information!