Emergency A/V Services

What do you do in an emergency? We provide emergency A/V services. ChurchTech.biz can help diagnose problems resulting from a lightning hit, power surge, flood, hurricane, tornado, or unexpected equipment failure. We stand ready to help when time is critical and you need expert help the most.

It takes real expertise to deal with emergencies. Our first step is to rapidly and accurately diagnose problems.

Lightning Strike Then we can help provide emergency A/V services and short term workarounds such that Sunday morning worship services can take place.

If we are working on site, ChurchTech.biz can provide short term loaner equipment at no cost (other than shipping) as part of our services. Our gear includes a 64 channel Yamaha digital audio board with Dante and Aviom interfaces and Cisco Catalyst network switches with POE. We also have an Aviom D400 signal splitter, a PA system DSP, and power filtration systems. Importantly, we have a calibrated mic and acoustics measurement system for room acoustics tuning. Our loaner equipment will often satisfy the requirements of most emergency situations. .

If you have an emergency situation, contact us now.