Technical Training

Some Sundays are a tech disaster. Once in a while a mic isn’t turned on in time. On occasion the stream sounds bad. Perhaps the web site just doesn’t look right. Sometimes a track won’t start. Sometimes a camera is not aimed where it should, or moves incorrectly during a live shot. Operational mistakes happen all too often.
Sometimes all it takes is a nudge to facilitate improvements in operating procedures, or bring skill and proficiency to proper levels.

This is where really shines. We have decades of success, operational experience and a deep skills bench. We understand the wide range of tech facilities used in churches, and we have lengthy experience with a wide range of workflows and processes.

It takes seasoned maturity to know how to coordinate, communicate and operate well. We bring decades of hands-on experience, knowing how to offer quality  training that works. works side-by-side with pastors, worship leaders, tech staff and volunteers to understand current system configurations, existing workflows, and provide training, advice and solutions.

We are expert in improving the skill levels of volunteers who lack experience and need to master their craft: Audio, Graphics & Lyrics, Video Switching, Lighting, Cameras, Directing ~~ any of the usual functions needed every Sunday.

While volunteer skill levels can be an issue, sometimes operating procedures are not quite right. Sometimes equipment has been mis-programmed or exhibits unexpected operating behavior because the equipment is not well understood. will look at all the details, rapidly diagnose, make recommendations, and provide the training, assistance and help that is needed. Contact us for more information.