Deliver an Awesome Live Stream Multitracks Mix

So Online Viewers Come Back Next Week

Multitracks DisplayMultitracks can help your church reverse live stream viewership drop off rates. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many Churches to quickly transition to online streaming. But only to discover that their online live worship music mix doesn’t sound right.

Live stream viewer analytics show online visitors tuning out during worship music before the message begins. Such viewers might never come back, and the opportunity is lost. Retaining viewers is essential to a successful time of worship, praise and sharing Gospel truth. And good worship audio is essential to retaining viewers.

Mixing stream audio is different. Churches that are new to the art of streaming are discovering there is more to it than just dumping the house audio mix into the stream. A stream requires specialized mixing methods. can certainly help in this critical area and show your team how to do it. We’ve learned the craft of quality audio streaming by doing it, and we can help your team learn how to excel at it.

Churches are discovering that live music steams can easily be made to sound consistently excellent via the judicious addition of multitracks audio content. Multitracks are a way of augmenting your live worship band and vocalists with some of the loops, pads, instruments, clicks, tracks, and backing vocals from the original recordings. These tracks are readily available at modest cost and are simple to use. As a side benefit, multitracks can also be used to fill in when a band member can’t attend a service at the last minute. can get your church through a steep learning curve when it comes to using multitracks in your live stream. We can help your church set things up, and help get your team settled in with the workflow and mixing technique adjustments that are essential to a great sounding live stream.

And here’s some excellent news~! has recently gathered with their partners to provide a new “Gratis License” which allows churches to use any content purchased from in a church live stream.

It Takes Multitracks Experience

To Get It Right Every Time

But it takes tech experience to implement a multitracks system. It takes know-how to connect as many as several dozen tracks to your audio board via a digital audio network. It requires experience to connect things to ProPresenter to automate the lower thirds stream lyrics. makes all this easy to do. We are expert in helping churches specify the software and hardware they need to use Multitracks in their house and streaming mixes. Your church can deliver the kind of live stream mixes that will help people engage in true worship and not drop off because of poor audio quality. If done well, your church will see online visitors come back to your stream again and again

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