Video Testimonials

Make the Gospel Relevant

With Powerful Video Testimonials

Make The Gospel Relevant

Video testimonials are an amazing way to use modern technology to impact those around us with the Gospel. Video is everywhere, and personal video stories can provide compelling evidence of God”s actions and presence.

Every Christ follower has a story. A word of encouragement. A testimony about how God answers prayer. A story about how God intervenes in life and changes people. Video testimonials can offer hope to people in difficult circumstances. There is nothing more compelling than when someone opens up and shares their story. can help plan, film, edit, color grade and upload the God stories of people in your congregation. We can help your church get started and learn how to produce testimonies that have real impact. Testimonies are undeniable Gospel proof points, They set in motion a genuine, authentic portrayal of what God is doing in your church body. Imagine building a library that shows God at work in the lives of people in your congregation! Here is an example that was made to accompany a specific sermon:

It doesn’t take a lot to make impactful videos. This was recorded with a 10 year old handicam, a cell phone, a small drone, a muslin green screen and two lights! We can also recommend equipment if you don’t have any, so that your church can make their own videos.. While video and audio quality are important, capturing the reality of God’s actions is paramount. and we can teach the basic videography structure and skills needed.

Any church can do this! Call 781-883-1135 today to learn more about how can help you produce compelling video testimonials, or fill in the form!