Who We Are

ChurchTech.biz was founded in 2019 by Ethan Harris to serve churches, helping them use modern technology tools to better minister to their congregations, local communities and beyond.
We help churches use modern technology wisely to be visible and effective. To help churches reach those who have not yet placed their trust and faith in Jesus Christ.
I have worked in small, medium and large market churches as a volunteer and tech department director. I’ve been in the trenches right alongside pastors, worship leaders, tech staff and volunteers, sharing the Gospel and watching God bless and rapidly grow each church, with thousands coming to faith in Christ.
I excel at team building. I have a proven leadership track record and a strong work ethic. Before entering full time Christian ministry I was a broadcaster, a software engineer, and a successful high-tech entrepreneur and CEO.
I enjoy hands-on work, helping others learn and become proficient in technology. Imparting the enabling expertise needed to do the work of the church in today’s world.

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