Why Us

ChurchTech.biz is Different

We Only Serve Churches

Pastors often say that “tech” is an ongoing concern. Things don’t always go the way they should.

Volunteers don’t always perform well. A misunderstanding of workflows or a mis-step can ruin an otherwise good Sunday worship.

Secular A/V companies sometimes sell the products they carry, rather than providing products that meet the church’s requirements, even if there are better solutions available.

Pastors have lots of stories to tell. ChurchTech.biz was created to solve church technology related problems.

Over the course of decades we have seen it all. It is our experience, and of many tech directors that:

  • Many problems are procedural in nature. Procedures in churches are sometimes not well defined or documented. Sometimes procedures are poorly understood ~ particularly by volunteers.
  • Volunteers sometimes lack the skill and training to be effective, and have not put in the effort needed to learn the craft they are responsible for.
  • Sometimes equipment has not been programmed incorrectly. As products become more complex and incorporate more features, getting it “right” becomes a challenge.
  • When replacing equipment or installing new products, doing things in-house has a steep earning curve, Design, integration, and operation can be hard to master quickly.
  •  A/V companies often move on to the next job, leaving the church to deal with the learning curve, workflow changes and operational issues. And they sometimes ‘push’ products that are overkill or not a good fit.

Differences That Matter

Focused on Ministry Needs

ChurchTech.biz is different – There are circumstances where the church’s equipment is perfect but needs to be reconfigured or programmed differently.

Sometimes the skills or operational procedures are not up to snuff. We offer programming and configuration services along with expert training and hands-on mentorship where needed.

We offer a deep bench of expertise needed to design advanced multi-vendor designs that are easy to operate, Workflows need to be simple and easy to master. ChurchTech.biz can remain involved with the church during and after the installation. Pastors tell us all the time that it makes sense to take advantage of our expertise until the staff and volunteers who need to operate the equipment are fully up to speed and proficient

Churches are relational places, so we do things as Christians working with fellow believers, We offer these capabilities with the intent of equipping the church to be successful in their use of the technology as they pursue the Great Commission. Contact us today!