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Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding
Live Streaming

Now family members, friends, and co-workers who can’t travel or attend your wedding can be part of your special day! A professional HD Live Stream lets everyone participate in your Beach Wedding or other special outdoor event!

You can count on our decades of experience in live professional video production to make your live stream look and sound perfect!

  • Beach Weddings
  • Ocean Baptisms
  • Outdoor Memorial Services
  • Outdoor Events

We live stream picture perfect video. We use multiple HD/4K cameras, professional microphones and digital audio processing. Our state-of-the-art live production system is silent and 100% battery operated. With our years of professional experience in live video production, your live stream will enable those who can’t attend to be a part of your special day! We serve Horry County and nearby coastal communities where local beach regulations allow. The busy season is already underway so call now to book your event.

For a worry-free event, we coordinate everything with your pastor or officiant, wedding planner, wedding photographer and wedding videographer!

Plan ahead! Make your wedding or other event perfect by including friends, loved ones and co-workers who can’t attend! Call 781-883-1135 now for more information, pricing, availability, and to reserve your event!

Since 2019 ChurchTech.biz has been dedicated to serving churches. We provide audio, video, digital network design, installation and training services. We also specialize in producing custom testimonial videos and implementing church websites. Whether designing and installing church sound booths or live video control and production rooms our goal is to equip congregations to reach their communities with the Gospel.

Our purpose is to equip and enable pastors, church staff and volunteers with today’s technology tools needed to pursue the Great Commission with excellence. The  tools and know-how we provide help enable the life and mission of the church in a modern world.

Because nothing is more important than the Great Commission.

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ChurchTech.biz was founded in 2019 by Ethan Harris, a veteran church media/tech director. Before starting ChurchTech.biz. he served in technical leadership positions for several decades in market leading, high growth churches. We have a deep bench of real world expertise in designing, installing and operating church sound booths and video control rooms.

There comes a time when churches need to upgrade their church tech booths with a new digital audio console, or add a multitracks computer tied to a digital audio network. Sometimes they need to upgrade their websites to better serve meaningful content. Or they need to build and enhance their live production capabilities, or their video control and production rooms.

Our aim is to help churches leverage modern technology to reach more people and grow. In a culture saturated with competing world-views, modern technology is essential to help a church stand out from the noise and be effective in sharing the Gospel.

Churches benefit from our understanding of how workflows, procedures and management processes change to make use of technology advancements. So along with our technical skill, churches automatically receive the intrinsic benefit of our experience of working in high growth church settings.


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Christian character, integrity, trust and honesty are our hallmarks. You can trust ChurchTech.biz to listen, and give you good, honest advice, We always strive to fulfill all our responsibilities with excellence. Everything we do is done in the context of Christian service.

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